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I've always been obsessed with one-person, million dollar businesses...

Well, maybe not always. To be real with you guys, it's more like I became obsessed in the middle of building a business with a team of 30 people, and when one of my key employees (and friend) quit without warning compromising the whole business, and left me holding the bag.  😔

Now let's be clear, a 30 person team isn't really that big. But it was enough people for me to realize the single most difficult thing about growing a business is managing people. Everyone is different. They respond to incentives and disincentives differently. You have to understand the psychology of every single person and can never assume they are all the same. 

Sure, I was able to build the business to 8-figures in yearly revenue and eventually exit for a nice pay day...but was there a better way?

It was when we began the process of exiting the business that I discovered solopreneurs (or what I call solo capitalists): People who create and design products or services (think online courses, newsletters, paid communities, micro-SaaS, etc.) that  pull in $1+ million in yearly revenue ALL BY THEMSELVES. No employees to manage, hire, train, worry about, persuade, incentivize, or fire... 

Oh, and did I mention 99% profit margins?!

I created Solo Capitalist to learn how to create a one-person, million dollar business and to help others do the same. 

I perform hours of research for every issue, studying the techniques, frameworks, and flywheels these solopreneurs used to build their business...and to teach you everything I learned.

I would love for you to join me...

Solo Capitalist is for those of us who throw rocks on the establishment business class with Harvard MBAs and puffed up attitudes. It's about pushing back against venture capitalists. It's not about how many employees we manage but how successful we are without employees. It's about proving to ourselves we don't have to work 60+ hours per week, lose our sanity, or be controlled by a board of directors. It's not about how big and trendy your office is, but rather the freedom to work from any office or any place. It's about having the freedom to not only speak directly with our customers, but to be part of the same community as our customers. Solo Capitalist is about breaking free from the mainstream and living on our own terms.

My goal is to study every highly successful solopreneur I can find (like Jack Butcher, Dru Riley, Polina Marinova Pomp, Anthony Pomp, etc) interview them, and find out how they did it.

If this sounds appealing to you, then join our small but growing community of solopreneurs designing lives of profit and freedom.

Hopefully this newsletter will give you the dopamine rush you need and get your creative juices flowing to help you start the next ONE-PERSON, million (or billion 🦄) dollar business.

Who am I?

I’m Wes Kimbell. A 35 year old Texan who fled the country after college to live in South America to work as a journalist in hopes of finding myself 🙄. All I discovered was it’s no fun to be broke…

So I knew it was time to go back to the States and work at the struggling family B2B biz which was then operating out of my Dad’s garage. Maybe I could grow the thing?

After several years, I took over the company as CEO and grew the thing 10x and ended up getting acquired.

Woohoo! What’s next? 🙌

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